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Demister pads are crucial components in gas-liquid separation processes, enabling efficient removal of liquid droplets from gas streams. With their intricate fiber design, high separation efficiency, and material versatility, demister pads enhance process performance, protect downstream equipment, and support environmental compliance. Whether it’s in petrochemical plants, refineries, chemical processing facilities, or other industries, demister pads play a vital role in ensuring efficient and reliable gas-liquid separation.

Demister pads are available in various materials, including metals (such as stainless steel) and synthetic fibers (such as polypropylene or PTFE). The choice of material depends on factors such as process conditions (temperature, pressure, corrosiveness), gas composition, and the type of liquid being separated. Metal demister pads offer excellent mechanical strength and durability, while synthetic fiber pads are preferred for their corrosion resistance and ability to handle corrosive or aggressive liquids.

Available MOC’s
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    SS 316/L

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    SS 304/L

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Size Chart

# Style Surface Area
Bulk Density
1 PE1 640 192
2 PE2 480 144
3 PE3 383 115
4 PE4 350 192
5 PE5 315 173
6 PE6 262 144
7 PE7 204 112
8 PE8 145 80