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Pall Ring

Pall rings are highly efficient tower packing elements that enhance the performance of separation, absorption, and distillation processes. With their large surface area, structural design, and resistance to fouling, these rings contribute to improved mass transfer, uniform flow, and reduced pressure drop. Whether it’s in the chemical, petrochemical, or environmental industry, pall rings offer a reliable and effective solution for enhancing tower packing efficiency.

Pall rings are typically manufactured from materials such as metals, plastics, or ceramics, depending on the specific requirements of the application. This flexibility in material choice enables the rings to withstand a wide range of operating conditions, including corrosive environments and high temperatures. It also allows for customization based on factors such as chemical compatibility, mechanical strength, and cost-effectiveness.

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Size Chart

# Size
Surface Area
1 15 344 92
2 25 206 93
3 38 130 94
4 50 102 96
5 75 71 96