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Intalox Saddle

Intalox saddle is a versatile tower packing material that offers numerous advantages in mass transfer and separation applications. With their large surface area, unique geometric design, and resistance to fouling, Intalox saddles contribute to improved mass transfer efficiency, uniform flow, and reduced pressure drop. Whether it’s in chemical processing, petrochemical refining, or environmental applications, Intalox saddles provide a reliable and effective solution for optimizing tower packing performance.

The choice of material for Intalox saddles depends on factors such as chemical compatibility, mechanical strength, and temperature resistance. Ceramic saddles are often preferred for their excellent corrosion resistance and thermal stability, making them suitable for demanding industrial processes. Metal or plastic saddles may be selected for their specific mechanical properties or cost-effectiveness.

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Size Chart

# Size
Surface Area
1 15 285 95
2 25 220 95
3 38 140 95
4 50 100 96