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Raschig Ring

Raschig rings are a timeless tower packing solution, providing a practical and efficient means of improving mass transfer in separation, absorption, and distillation processes. With their straightforward design, durability, and ability to promote uniform flow, Raschig rings continue to be a trusted choice for engineers and industries seeking reliable and effective tower packing solutions.

The choice of material for Raschig rings depends on the specific requirements of the application. Ceramic rings are commonly used for their excellent chemical resistance and thermal stability, making them ideal for processes involving corrosive substances or high temperatures. Metal or plastic rings may be preferred in cases where mechanical strength, cost-effectiveness, or specific compatibility is important.

Available MOC’s
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    All other exotic MOC’s available.

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Size Chart

# Size
Surface Area
1 15 344 92
2 25 212 93
3 38 140 94
4 50 105 96