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Vane Pad

Vane pads are essential components for efficient gas-liquid separation in various industries. With their corrugated vane design, high separation efficiency, and material versatility, vane pads provide reliable and effective liquid removal from gas streams. Whether it’s in oil and gas production, chemical processing, or environmental applications, vane pads contribute to improved process performance, equipment protection, and environmental compliance.

The choice of vane pad material depends on factors such as process conditions (temperature, pressure, corrosiveness), gas composition, and the type of liquid being separated. Stainless steel vanes are commonly used for their corrosion resistance and mechanical strength, while plastic vanes offer advantages in applications involving corrosive or aggressive liquids.

Available MOC’s
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    SS 316/L

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    SS 304/L

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Size Chart

# Style Pass Hooks
1 PEV1 2 No
2 PEV2 3 No